10 Audition Tips for Actors

Here are 10 audition tips to ace your audition and help you get the acting roles you want:

  1. Always bring a picture and resume. Don’t expect your agent to send it over. You’re the one that won’t be remembered if you don’t have one to give to casting at the audition. Staple your headshot and resume together with the photo and resume facing out. It is a good idea to bring 2-3 copies to audition callbacks as there are may be many decision makers in the room who request a photo and resume from you. Best to be prepared.
  2. Make your first 20 seconds count. When you meet someone for the first time, do you make a lot of suppositions? So do producers, directors and casting directors.  Be on time, smile and greet the people in the room by name (when you know them), say your name, introduce yourself. Look your best by dressing appropriately in clothes that flatter you. Women should be fresh light make up, hair styled, men clean shaven and neat. Talent should never be late for an audition appointment. Being punctual is important for casting directors who are considering you for the job as it is an indication to how your behavior will be on set.
  3. Do your best and don’t make excuses. Casting directors don’t want to hear about your cold or the reasons why you are running late, or that your printer is broken. Always be professional.
  4. When you are given sides always memorize them. If you have not, it is OK to hold the script and read from it. Better to read from the sides then to make it up as you go (and the writer may be present in the room). Stick to the script.
  5. If you are given direction at an audition and are asked to make a choice, make one. When actors are asked at auditions to make a choice don’t reply, “What do YOU want?” Actors need to make clear strong choices when developing characters. Show confidence in the choices you make.
  6. Don’t ask to start over.  When you make a mistake in your read, fight through it.  You may be asked to do another take, but fight through the first one and don’t apologize. Stay in character.
  7. Be comfortable, charismatic and confident. Successful people are self assured and confident. Actors and actresses who make it in this industry work hard to be noticed. You have to be the most interesting person to capture and keep our attentions. Be that someone that producers, directors and casting directors want to get to know.  If you are naturally this way as yourself, you’ll also be able to do that in a character.
  8. Make sure your Agents contact information is on your resume. And keep your resume up to date and to one page.
  9. Don’t take the last audition times of the day. After a long day of casting, the casting people are tired and ready to go home. Often times, the early actor gets the part. And, you don’t have the rest of the day of actors to be compared to.
  10. Audition as much and as often as you can. The best way to master auditioning is like anything else. Repetition. Again and again. Don’t let nerves hold you back. You will overcome anxiety by doing it over and over, and deliver a stronger audition each time.  Let your personality shine through, have fun & break a leg!



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Anne Marie Perrault Bio.

Disney Actor and Voice Artist, Anthony Ingruber relocated from Wellington, New Zealand to Toronto, Ontario last year to pursuit a high-profile career as a top-level actor. He chose Toronto-based AMP Talent Group to represent him and has experienced great success with the agency in a short time. Anne Marie Perrault is Anthony’s Film & TV Agent and the President

Anthony Ingruber signed with Anne Marie Perrault.   Anne Marie brings over ten years of industry experience with a wide range of contacts, audition and casting opportunities to the young YouTube sensation.  Anthony auditions regularly for commercials, episodic television, films and voice overs. He will continue to audition, accept work and network with the directors and producers. “I am really focusing on taking exceptional and unique projects through AMP while working with top industry professionals,” said Anthony Ingruber.

Since signing with AMP Talent Group, Anthony Ingruber was a nominee for ‘Best Actor’ at the Arizona Film and Media Expo Film Festival. Recently landing a supporting role in Air Aces TV Series, he was also cast in the popular commercial series for ‘Fueling Change’ from Shell Oil as well as internet series Sensing Murder and Fraud Squad. He continues to be in demand for many different genres of voiceovers. He is enjoying the personalized attention and opportunities that are coming his way from AMP Talent Group and pleased to have Anne Marie Perrault’s as his agent, securing him auditions and jobs that suit his career.

Anthony Ingruber maintains a high-profile website where his voiceover work, Youtube videos, photo gallery and full resume are available.  Please visit his website 

To book Anthony, contact his agent Anne Marie Perrault at AMP Talent Group

416-568-9848 and

For press inquiries or interview opportunities, contact Wendy Shepherd


Jamaican born, Toronto based actor, Conroy Stewart (Da Kink in My Hair) of AMP Talent Group can be seen this month on the hit television series, Rookie Blue on Global Television.  Conroy plays Blair, a young student who becomes a person of interest with the Rookie Blue police. The gritty role was a fun and challenging role for Conroy to play and he said the experience working with the cast and director was exciting and rewarding. His love of acting began at age 13 in plays and local stage productions. To pursue his dream of becoming an actor,  Conroy signed with long time agent Anne Marie Perrault of AMP Talent Group He has accomplished great success since his first job modeling. He began getting experience on camera having modeled for Sears, Zellers and The Bay, followed by acting in national TV commercials and then independent films.  After a nationwide audition search, he landed the lead series role, playing Dre in the television series, Da Kink In My Hair for Global TV.  A year playing Dre was rewarding he says the experience of stardom was a fun perk, yet remaining humble, his love of acting expanded to creating new film projects with friends in his downtime. Conroy formed a production company called, Your Dreams Melody. Co-writing, directing and producing small music videos and short films with local artists.  Not shy of a challenge, Conroy’s newest venture begins as a radio host on his own independent radio show called “Next Generation Weekly” on The Lake Toronto. Conroy talks about youth life, including music, Filmmaking, and technology. With a growing fan base, Conroy Stewart is truly living his dream!

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